Joe Morgan
Joe Morgan

Utilizing cloud computing architectures for improved control over risk and FX back-office operations

With cloud computing services continuing to have a dramatic impact on the delivery of FX trading applications, Joe Morgan looks at where we can expect to see further significant use of the technology being applied to post trade and FX risk management operations.

Proponents of the cloud like to ask what you would do differently if you had unlimited computational power at your fingertips. For FX market participants facing up to an increasingly complex and interlinked market – which has witnessed mushrooming trading volumes – this is a pertinent question. None more is this the case than in risk management and back office operations, where measuring data from multiple sources, increasingly in real-time, is becoming more important for reasons of compliance – and survival. Howard Tolman, managing director of Cloud Trading Technologies in London, which specialises in complex pricing of financial instruments, online trading software and risk management solutions, says: “Banks employ a lot of IT people and a lot of those are involved in manning hardware and various different projects. Banks end up with bottlenecks. They can’t get stuff done. They go into lock-downs all the time. Using the cloud which has so much processing capability at your...continued

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