FXS - The Next Level of FX Swaps Dealing

360T enhances its latest technology offering professional traders a state-of-the-art platform for FX swaps.

360T offers an extensive range of dealing functionalities for FX and Derivatives products. Now clients can  trade FX Swaps through FXS, 360T’s executable streaming swaps platform.

What do you get from it? 

FXS allows access to aggregated streaming executable swaps from multiple market makers.  It shows permanent swap streams in different size for standard tenors – a technology not seen before on a multibank platform. Uniquely, you can add RFS pricing to your view alongside the permanent streams. This allows you to include banks which do not yet have swap streaming technology.

Where can you find the dealing functionality?

Executable Streaming Swaps  FXS has been added to TEX® Multidealer Trading System where you can execute FX Swaps in a wide range of currency pairs and  in standard tenors as well as broken dates. The request mode also supports swap executions in Non-Deliverable Currencies (NDS).

How can you benefit from it?

This relationship-based, non-anonymous “Streaming Price Aggregator“ model enables building and monitoring books of individual streams per currency couple and row of tenors. You trade free of charge. As price taker you have the option of setting up individually different trading views and tabs based on how you like to transact your business.

FXS - The Next Level of FX Swaps Dealing

Be efficient. Through aggregated transparent pricing you get greater efficiency in sourcing and gathering FX Swap rates in deliverable and non-deliverable currencies from multiple providers.

Get the most out of it. See and execute aggregated swap prices in standard tenors. See best market prices in a Top-of-the-Book-view. 

Be sure. Through 360T’s unique RFS-Boost feature you can integrate RFS-pricing to get a complete market overview, better prices and deeper liquidity.

View Single Price. See top-5 price providers name-disclosed, easily to select your preferred counterparty.

Save time. Find details of best price information with just one right mouse click.

Be compliant. A complete electronic audit trail for each transaction, compliant with MiFID best price execution requirements is provided.

Be Fast. Set-up is a very simple process with an installation  similar to any browser based tool. No major implementation is required.

No Costs. NO monthly access fees and NO transaction charges, no matter which instruments you trade.

Support / Training / Post Sales Support. Comprehensive 24h/day support. For training purpose a separate test environment is provided.

FXS - The Next Level of FX Swaps Dealing

360T is one of the world’s major providers of web-based trading technology. As the leading multi-bank platform, 360T’s best-in-class trading technology enables clients to trade the key OTC financial instruments from foreign exchange (FX) instruments to short term money market products, money market funds and ECPs as well as FX and interest rate derivatives.

The company’s bank-neutral ownership means that the functionality and instruments traded put the interest of the buy side at its core. Regulated by the German Financial Authority and combining a SaaS setup, 360T provides clear and tangible value to market taker organizations across all customer segment. 

FXS - The Next Level of FX Swaps Dealing

360T’s multi-bank/multi-asset platform serves the needs of interbank dealers, institutional asset managers, corporate treasurers, , hedge funds and other professional market participants by providing the link to a broad liquidity from more than 125 liquidity providers – including the  large global players as well as regional market makers around the world. The network is used by over 1.200 buy side organizations globally.

360T supports customers in more than 60 countries with local presence in all major financial markets. With its flexible single bank / white-label solution, 360T has been adopted by major international companies to link trading flow via a central treasury or through a central trading desk.