Zing JVM - Optimising Java deployments for low latency FX trading

With Scott Sellers, co-founder and CEO, Azul Systems, a leading Java runtime innovator.

Scott can you remind us of some of the many ways Java-based applications are being used every day across the FX trading environment? Java-based applications are used throughout FX – from trading platforms to settlement systems, risk and various reporting systems.What are considered to be the historic pitfalls of Java application latency and jitter behaviour and where does the root cause of those lie? Java has often been considered to be slow – an artifact of its earliest days.  Current optimising compilers within the Java runtime (JVM) often equal or surpass code written in C/C++. Java’s reputation for jitter and unpredictable latency are due to the JVM itself as a result of the unpredictable nature and “Stop the World” processing garbage collection. The garbage collection process inside a JVM causes Java applications to pause and stop processing, resulting in longer latencies and jitter.Why do conventional Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) have difficulty in meeting the...continued

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