Adopting smarter go-to market strategies with FX White Label Services

As new firms enter the FX market, their need for technology, infrastructure and expertise is encouraging them to buy into the white label service model. Nicholas Pratt examines what they should look for from a potential provider.

There are two very clear reasons why the white label is emerging as the preferred option for FX brokers, says Jakub Zablocki, managing director of X Open Hub, a cloud-based white label FX trading service. “It is very easy and relatively cheap. There are an increasing number of banks and brokers  entering the FX market without much prior experience and a white label provides a lot of those duties.” However, as with anything that is supposedly easy and relatively cheap, there are a number of additional issues that potential customers should consider before choosing one. “The biggest issue to consider is how big the FX business of that white label provider is, the potential for more growth and the level of flexibility it can offer. Some white label offerings are very cheap but they are not very flexible and the potential for growth is very small,” says Zablocki.  Brokers should also look at the level of profit-sharing that is offered and the level of support it provides, as...continued

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