CFH Clearing: A clear route to success

With its strong heritage, tailor-made liquidity, innovative technology and growing global client base, CFH Clearing is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading Prime of Prime brokerages. We speak to Lars Holst, CEO of CFH Clearing, to find out more about the company’s successes and the benefits it offers to clients.

Please tell us more about CFH Clearing

We have been in operation for six years (formerly as CFH Markets) and have continually evolved in order to lead the market with a premier offering for institutional and professional clients.

We are an interbank prime of prime solutions provider for small and medium sized institutional clients and are one of the largest interbank STP venues in the market. We have invested heavily in developing proprietary technology in order to offer the very best trading and risk management tools to clients – so whether they are looking for clearing services or cutting edge technology solutions, or both, we have a range of services to help them to succeed in this highly competitive market.

What are the benefits to clients of partnering with a PoP broker such as CFH Clearing?

In addition to our diverse range of competitively priced liquidity, clients also benefit from our operational efficiencies such as cross-netting of opening positions and collateral management.   With the new requirements being set by Dodd-Frank and EMIR Regulation, financial institutions see our ability to help them with their legal compliance obligations as a significant benefit. Reporting is a huge area for us – and we offer it for free to brokers who use our technology. 

You have over 400 institutional clients in 82 countries. To what do you attribute your success?

We understand exactly what clients are looking for and can provide them with a highly tailored service. Transparency, flexibility and control are at the heart of our offering. For example, we provide the most transparent and direct gateway to the interbank market, we offer clients the freedom to choose the liquidity pools and liquidity providers they want and, through tools such as our ClearVision product suite, we can provide significant controls with our advanced risk management tools.

What has been the market response to ClearVision?

ClearVision was launched last year and has been a real catalyst for growth. It is a modular suite of broker tools aimed primarily at Tier I and II brokers looking to take their business to the next level. It provides all the cutting-edge tools required by brokers to manage an increasingly complex business with multiple trading platforms, liquidity providers, back office systems and risk books. In essence, it brings together the very best of our proven offering and provides clients with a combination of Prime of Prime interbank liquidity and state of the art, sophisticated trading technology. ClearVision has been extremely well received and has opened up opportunities for us with a number of new clients across the globe. 

What does the future hold for CFH Clearing?

We will focus on growing our client base, with major signings globally, and will also continue to invest in our product suite in order to maintain our market leading position.

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