In the Chair

e-Forex talks to Fabrice Benouaich, CEO of Olfa Trade about the key role technology now plays in helping forex brokers to meet the challenges of running their trading operations

Fabrice, why has technology become such an important issue for forex brokers? When I started developing e-FX tools and technologies, back in the late nineties, the market was used to and able to cope with latencies of up to a second. Nowadays, latency has come down to the millisecond with much higher execution expectancies and requirements. Choosing the best technology enables the optimization of sell-sides margins despite a much more competitive industry and narrowing spreads. The industry is currently going through a period of rapid change and technical development. How is Olfa Trade helping brokers to meet the challenges and business opportunities of this fast evolving market? Olfa Trade is a technology company specialized in e-FX. R&D is in our company’s DNA, we invest a lot in order to stay ahead of the industry. We literally imagine and develop today the e-FX tools of tomorrow. The main focus of our research is of course latency as the exponential increase of data volumes and...continued

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