MFX Compass for the next generation of e-FX

MahiFX, the foreign exchange technology provider, has recently announced the launch of MFX Compass, its comprehensive electronic FX trading technology for institutional clients.

The system provides all the components for price formation, portfolio based skewing, algorithmic hedging, system administration, risk and trade visualisation, flow analysis and rate customisation and dissemination to put banks and brokers on the same footing as a tier one bank.Internalising Flow  MFX Compass has been launched to help banks and brokerages get on that footing without the capital cost, delay and uncertainty in building the technology in-house. “Internalising flow, at the right rate, is key to increasing profitability and marketshare,” said David Cooney, CEO at MahiFX. “But it’s a tough puzzle. Assembling the teams to build an internal solution is expensive, and sometimes, where is has been attempted, the results have been less than hoped for.”Low execution risk “FX is an incredibly important part of any bank’s business,” Cooney continued. “It’s going electronic, and banks need to optimise the value of their flows. We...continued

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