Catching Up With Seabury FXone

With Rosario M. Ingargiola, President and Chief Executive Officer of Seabury FXone

How did your systems fair during the SNB CHF crisis? I'm pleased to say that we had 100% up-time during and after this extreme market event that crippled some systems, both on the vendor and LP side of the street. Our success dealing with this tail event is attributed not only to our own systems, but frankly, to some of our network providers and LPs who also handled the stress well and helped make it possible for us to stand out in the crowd.What is the newest major client use case that FXone is supporting? The newest use case leverages FXone as a Market Making risk management system. In this use case a major global investment bank uses FXone to receive unsolicited executions related to trades done by their internal market making systems. The FXone system receives these trades in real-time, which in this initial phase of the engagement on the first three pairs being traded, can involve 1,500 or more trades an hour, and displays them in the GUI individually in the Positions blotter and in an aggregated view...continued

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