Slick Operations: Why speed matters

According to James Banister, CEO of FXecosystem, brokerages across the globe are becoming increasingly aware of the competitive advantage they gain from hosting their trading platforms within the same sites as the main liquidity providers.

He explains, “FXecosystem has a presence in the LD4 and NY4 data centres, is connected to the Moscow Exchange (MOEX), is about to launch in Turkey and will be in TY3 in Tokyo later this year. By being based in the datacentres used by the majority of major banks, our clients benefit from ultra-low latency as the feed is direct from the respective bank.”  

Measuring Latency

Measuring latency as NIC-to-NIC or end-to-end may seem purely technical, however people understand it much better when they compare it with the advantages of moving from copper to fibre or from 1gb to 10gb. It’s all about speed and this speed brings significant benefits.

“As an example, on our fibre connection between New York and London we can get a price from London to New York and back again in 65.3 milliseconds. Given that, on average, an eye blinks at around 300 milliseconds, you can see just how fast we are able to operate. Of course, speed is just part of the equation – we also focus heavily on precision and reliability.”

A Fully Outsourced Connectivity Solution

FXecosystem offers a complete service to help banks and brokers with their connectivity requirements, from managing and supporting a client’s networks to sourcing the best routes and carriers for their requirements. The company also proactively monitors activity on the networks to ensure an optimal trading infrastructure at all times. Clients can select to use FXecosystem as a ‘one stop shop’ for all their connectivity requirements or opt for a particular component of the company’s offering to enhance their existing set up.

FXecosystem is unique in that its focus is primarily on the FX market. The company has invested heavily in its infrastructure over the last five years and created its own Meet-Me-Rooms™ which provide a single point of entry to connect to global FX banks, ECNs, vendors and buyside institutions, eliminating the need for multiple leased lines. FXecosystem offers flexibility and scalability to support clients at all stages of their growth. For further information, please visit

Top 5 reasons for outsourcing your connectivity

•  Reduced latency

•  Cost efficiencies

•  Enhanced overall trade execution

•  Single point of contact for all connectivity needs across the globe

•  24 hour support