The art of app creation

SwipeStox was founded by what it describes as, “passionate entrepreneurs and finance geeks”. The business is focused on creating the most transparent social trading community platform worldwide, using collective wisdom by joining together communities of traders who swap tips, influence each other, copy trades and interact socially. The SwipeStox trading app runs on all devices. Users can trade on their laptop, from a terminal, or a mobile phone while on the go. Here, founder and CEO at SwipeStox, Benjamin Bilski, talks with e-Forex about the app.

Benjamin Bilski What inspired you to create your social trading mobile app for retail FX brokers? BB: We still think that the FX industry shows a lack of customer-oriented mobile trading solutions. Our goal was and still is to simplify access to the FX world and make trading tools more comprehensive and also more social. Brokers and banks show a lack of understanding of mobilesolutions in full and rely on ‘off the shelf’ assets. We saw the opportunity to build something completely custom and unique with 100% mobile focus. How important is ‘crowd intelligence’ becoming for retail FX traders? BB: I always say: No information, no transaction! Information in the trading world is generated by human beings, by people who experience movements and show results. This is reflected in aggregating intelligence in one platform, like SwipeStox. Crowd intelligence is one of the most important drivers for becoming a successful trader and we fully leverage and enhance this wisdom...continued

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