ABN AMRO enhances DealStation

ABN AMRO has recently rolled out new functionalities in DealStation, its online foreign exchange and money markets trading platform. The upgrade provides numerous enhancements, of which 10 key improvements in the system optimize the client experience, making it easier, quicker and more efficient for them to mitigate market risk.Their continued focus is on providing clients with electronic FX solutions that are both easy to work with, minimize ‘clicks’ or keystrokes to execute, and are secure. Clients will also gain from the ability to set default amounts for each currency pair created. For tickets open prior to execution, the applet allows for streaming rates on the ticket until a deal is executed or cancelled. Block trading has also been added giving Clients the opportunity to trade for multiple value dates, in multiple legs for multiple accounts per currency pair. Templates can be created, or data exported in to create a block....continued

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