John Ersser is Executive Director at CMC Group plc
John Ersser is Executive Director at CMC Group plc

Looking for a new White Label Partner? Consider their attributes.

Reputation, experience, technology, business processes and integration are all important to consider says John Ersser, who looks at the attributes of a suitable White Label (WL) partner.

The White Labelling of FX software and platforms is still in its infancy as an industry, with only a few key players having made the investment and commitment to providing and supporting these services. On face value, the benefits of White Labelling represent a compelling proposition to both parties. If executed well, White Labelling can, and has, genuinely delivered significant increases in business, flows and ultimately profit opportunity. However, success is measured not only by the initial short term product delivery, but through the on-going relationship, service, and support, that is underpinned by good communication and resulting profits.So, what do you need to look for when selecting your White Label (WL) partner? In considering this, you should include reputation, experience, technology, business processes and integration.Firstly, is the deal going to be genuinely mutually beneficial to both parties? An experienced provider will have a clear idea of its objectives from a relationship, and be able to...continued

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