Stefan Daberius Head of Markets, Ericsson Treasury Services AB.
Stefan Daberius Head of Markets, Ericsson Treasury Services AB.

Online FX at Ericsson – from hype to an everyday thing

We ask Stefan Daberius to outline how Ericsson Treasury is benefiting from e-trading and STP.

At Ericsson Treasury, we have an annual turnover of more than $200 billion in foreign exchange products. Today, around 50% of that is traded through e-dealing platforms. To me, this is the result of a focused strategy to become more efficient and the belief in the rational of electronic trading and Straight-through-Processing (STP).For us, Online Foreign Exchange, has now become an integral part of our everyday trading life. Three years ago, we were all intrigued by the exciting visions of how e-dealing would change the FX landscape. Banks made heavy investments into the new FX future. What then, really came out of all these hopeful promises? Well, quite a lot! Despite a number of failed e-commerce initiatives, bursting investment bubbles and crashing internet hypes, e-dealing has really changed the way we trade FX at Ericsson.Benefits of e-dealingEarly on we quickly recognized the potential benefits of e-dealing. Since Ericsson is the world-leading telecommunications supplier, you might think that we were...continued

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