Klaus-Dieter Lontke Vp FX Sales and Trading at WGZ-Bank
Klaus-Dieter Lontke Vp FX Sales and Trading at WGZ-Bank

WGZ bank e-commerce strategy

Klaus-Dieter Lontke, from WGZ bank, tells us about their e-commerce strategy, which features a branded ASP platform.

Can you briefly outline how WGZ fits into the German Cooperative and Savings bank environment?WGZ, as a central institution in the German Co-operative banking sector, has the role of a Central Bank for their member banks, the Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken in the area of North-Rhine-Westphalia and the constituencies of Koblenz and Trier, in the Rhineland Palatinate. WGZ-Bank sees its main corporate goal in promoting and strengthening the competitiveness of these banks. For the local co-operative banks, it forms the bridge to the international financial markets. As a commercial bank, WGZ offers corporate clients, as well as institutional clients a broad range of modern and qualified services and products.How is your e-commerce and e-trading strategy structured?Our current strategy is based on two parallel distribution channels:1. WGZ-EasyTrader® is a single-bank, cross-product trading platform offered to internal and external clients. Internal clients are considered the 270 co-operative member banks,...continued

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