David Ogg Head of LavaFX
David Ogg Head of LavaFX

Aggregation of portal & single bank liquidity

David Ogg discusses how the aggregation of portal and single bank liquidity will provide a new paradign for improving eFX.

The revolution has begun. The paradigms are shifting. Foreign exchange trading is increasingly moving online. And those who trade online now have a new trading option that aggregates existing systems into a powerful new tool.As recently as 10 years ago, most foreign exchange trading was done by telephone. But over the last decade, electronic trading has been gaining increasing momentum. According to a study by Greenwich Associates, almost 40% of all institutions around the world traded foreign exchange electronically in 2003, an increase from 32% in 2002. Last year, electronic trading doubled from the year before to $8 trillion as experimenters became devotees.>As foreign exchange has grown, and as more transactions are done online, electronic foreign exchange service providers have proliferated. Electronic traders have used trading systems that connect dealers among themselves in the Interbank market, and those that connect dealers with customers. Over the last several years, multibank portals have...continued

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