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The new Forex trader: New tools, classic analysis Raghee Horner looks at how traders can best take advantage of the benefits that the Internet and advanced web technology brings.

Speculation in the markets is certainly nothing new. What does change is which market enjoys the greatest attention. The “secret” of the Foreign Exchange is out. Forex is enjoying its time in the sun, and like the commodities or stock market, it’s certainly nothing new, nor is it going anywhere. What is new however are the abundance and selection of charting tools, analysis and research that is available to the “new Forex trader”.Speculation is by the far the biggest percentage of Forex participation. The astute retail investor or trader is certainly enjoying the benefits that the surge in interest currency trading is seeing. The recent move by brokerages to tighten spreads in Euro is the first sign that competition is fierce and that’s good news for active speculators. Corporations and Portfolio managers have enjoyed tremendous returns from their participation in the Forex. It is well-known that corporations...continued

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