Susannah Quirion Director of Marketing at Linedata Services
Susannah Quirion Director of Marketing at Linedata Services

eFX and the Front Office – Asset Managers embrace trade OMS

Susannah Quirion shows how, in the near future, asset managers should expect to see a complete automation of the FX process, with more deeply integrated OMS technology and functionality.

In terms of technology, foreign exchange has long been the ‘forgotten’ asset-class. For many asset managers, it has simply been viewed as the cost of doing business, a back-office necessity resulting from international equity and fixed income trading activity. Considering that foreign exchange is the largest market in the world it is surprising that it has been the most operationally inefficient and technologically disadvantaged. Traditional foreign exchange processes have been entirely manual, thus prone to error. Fortunately today, the course of foreign exchange trading is evolving from a back-office risk to a value-added front-office business.Less than ten years ago, conventional foreign exchange practices were completely inefficient – both economically and operationally. Asset managers had two options; they could either negotiate and process foreign exchange trades in-house, or send (via fax or phone) their foreign exchange requirements directly to their...continued

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