Shane Galligan Head of e-Business, National Australia Bank
Shane Galligan Head of e-Business, National Australia Bank

Maturing eFX - providing the foundation for broader e-solutions

Shane Galligan discusses the changing eFX needs of the buy-side and what effect this is having in driving demands on the sell-side to develop new, broader e-solutions.

State of play: Ask any eFX banker if they are busy and you are bound to receive an unequivocal yes. The eFX market since its inception has rapidly developed. The complexity of decisions includes, which liquidity pool to participate in, whether to be a full service provider, outsource, in-source or white label. These trends are currently influencing the FX market and driving banks and clients in e-delivery and distribution.Linking eFX to the value chain of the corporate client The electronic delivery of FX has matured in the sense it is no longer questioned as a viable alternative to phone based dealing, its capabilities now include broader applications paving the way for other e-solutions.There is no doubt, in terms of financial products that FX has shown the greatest advancements in electronic delivery to clients. One of the next steps in this evolution will be the linking of eFX into other areas of the client’s value chain.Background: The expansion of eFX from proprietary interfaces into...continued

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