Charles Henri-Sabet, CEO of Synthesis Bank.
Charles Henri-Sabet, CEO of Synthesis Bank.

Online Asset Management in motion

Charles-Henri Sabet outlines how the Internet revolution has brought lower trading costs and real-time information to liberate the investor and level the playing field for the manager of funds.

There are signs of intelligent life out there, somewhere. We see indications of this trend in the hedge fund industry. We see better tools, more intelligent trading and risk management protocols. We see investors demanding more transparency, more insight and understanding of the managers’ strategies, risk control operations, fees and process. Indeed, the hedge fund theatre of operations is maturing rapidly. Hedge Fund Community There are more products, more offerings, more strategies and more participants than ever imagined. What was once the select enclave of only the wealthiest investors seeking elite management is fast-forwarding into a more democratic environment. Once it had been thought that long/short trading strategies, distressed companies and other esoteric management strategies were exotica only for the most sophisticated and aggressive wealthy investors. These strategies challenged the conventional wisdom of blue chip investing or laddered fixed income schedules. Such...continued

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