Online FX charting service added to HSBCnet

HSBC has launched an online FX charting package that provides users with access to 45 major cross rates, across majors, minors and emerging market currencies. The service, called fxcharting@hsbc, is hosted on HSBCnet, HSBC’s multi-product portal for Corporate, Investment Banking and Markets clients. Users are able to graph currency pairs over various periods, and analyse them using market standard techniques. Studies can be applied including moving averages, parabolic and Bollinger bands, and oscillators such as stochastic, slow stochastic and relative strength index.Clients are able to build their own graphs for different currency pairs and different time intervals. Options include five-minute intervals, hourly, four-hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. The addition of fxcharting@hsbc brings the number of modules on HSBCnet to over 60, with multi-product services provided by Global Markets, Payments and Cash Management, Securities Services and Trade Services....continued

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