Rajeev Kotyan Principal Product Managerfor Sonic Software
Rajeev Kotyan Principal Product Managerfor Sonic Software

The challenge for FX trading systems – Continuous availability

Rajeev Kotyan looks at the impact of downtime in the eFX marketplace and the two most prominent approaches to minimising it.

Foreign exchange trading is here to stay and, with global economies being so intertwined, it is becoming even more important. Traditionally, buying and selling of foreign currency— as an investment or a hedging strategy—has been the preserve of institutional investors, but the marketplace is growing to include retail investors. This transition to include retailer investors is making currency instruments similar to other retail-oriented financial instruments such as stocks, bonds or mutual funds. This is changing the requirements on the FX trading systems as the retail investors bring new levels of expectations for system reliability and scalability. Institutional investors have had the benefit of using modern infrastructure for trading.As retail consumers begin to trade, the real-time requirements of the current systems are stretched ever further and a system failure can be disastrous to the bottom line of all the participants, from the consumer to the marketplace to the...continued

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