Dr. Anna Becker Co-founder and CEO Strategy Runner
Dr. Anna Becker Co-founder and CEO Strategy Runner

Automated trading solutions – FX trading of the future?

Dr Anna Becker looks at the development of automated programs designed to maximize FX trading revenue and efficiencies, and the levels of customisation that are now available.

Back in the year 2001, when our first retail client developed and ran his strategy in a fully automated way, it seemed like a technological miracle. Since then system trading and fully automated execution became buzz-words in the trading industry. Nobody is asking the question of why system and automated trading maximizes trading revenues and efficiencies, but what software does it best. There are two major groups of strategy users: sell-side and buy-side users. Sell-side are strategy developers (vendors) and brokers; and buy-side are institutional and retail traders. In this article we will discuss how system vendors can implement their trading systems and how retail and institutional traders can automatically execute these strategies.How to implement a Trading SystemSuppose you have a well defined algorithm of your trading system. You should now choose a software platform for your system implementation. The software tools can be divided in three major categories: 1) Raw API solutions, 2) Script language IDE...continued

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