Capital Forex using ForexManage

Capital Forex, the FX arm of the London Capital Group have launched ForexManage's browser-based online dealing system to their retail clients. 'With hosted market-making, risk-control and back office, we have a highly flexible system to help Capital Forex win customer business.' says Andrew Gibson, Sales Manager at ForexManage.Risk control, whether by pre-trade check or post trade margin monitoring, is paramount and the ForexManage solutions centre on these real-time calculations. Capital Forex Pro, the institutional arm of Capital Forex utilizes integrated deal capture with the available position-keeping and reporting, for platforms such as Currenex. “ForexManage took Capital Forex definitions and delivered an extensive client dealing experience. The system supports retail clients and money-managers with real-time position valuations of spot and forwards. Additionally, it compliments our institutional Currenex service with extensive live reporting and analytics” says Gavin...continued

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