Andrew Kidd Head of e-clients development, Europe, ABN AMRO
Andrew Kidd Head of e-clients development, Europe, ABN AMRO

E-FX – on the way to meeting the needs of the middle market.

Andy Kidd discusses how web technology is providing opportunities to deliver the services and functionality that the middle market segment needs.

It used to be that the largest corporations got the most attention, but middle-market companies are now suddenly and pleasingly finding themselves courted for their growth potential. At the same time, web technology is providing the opportunity to deliver the sort of services and functionality that this market segment needs, at the right price. Mid market companies can go to the ball.Big enough to make an impact, small enough to have room to grow, today’s middle-market companies are the raw material for tomorrow’s global giants. Providers, including IT suppliers and financial services companies, understand this and are increasingly targeting this sector of the market.Although often entrepreneurial in business outlook, mid market companies can appear conservative when it comes to adopting new technology and new working practices. This is frequently a resource issue: expenditure on systems and advisory services will usually be modest, and finance teams are also more thinly...continued

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