Peter Kriskinans MD of Option Computers
Peter Kriskinans MD of Option Computers

eFX - Unifying the Front and Middle Office Environments.

Peter Kriskinans outlines how unified streams of interactions and deals provide valuable information and how a unified approach benefits sell side banks.

The progress made since the elimination of manual tickets continues to drive front office procedures forward as truly efficient STP is sought for all trading venues. Manual input of trade information is gradually being eliminated. Electronic deal capture has been achieved, albeit at a high cost, often each feed being built and deployed separately to cope with its particular characteristics.A unified approach that captures multiple feeds (rates, pre-trade and post-trade) from all FX trading venues and presents ‘virtual’ feeds to the various bank systems has been available for some time. This type of platform is a completely different animal to traditional feed handling solutions in that the system ‘understands’ the deal payload in the messages and the capability of the downstream trading systems, then uses business logic, rules engines and very fast software to create a single low latency blow-by-blow virtual feed of all deal negotiation traffic for...continued

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