eFX technology – helping to minimise the problem of Slippage at Aspect Capital.

e-Forex talks with Anthony Todd, CEO and Robert Wakefield, COO at Aspect Capital, about the problem of Slippage and how automation and electronic FX trading technology is helping them minimise the problem.Anthony ToddRobert WakefieldGentlemen, why is Slippage a concern to your firm and in what way does it impact on your FX trading operations?The performance of any trading strategy is impacted by the frictional costs associated to slippage. Traditionally, slippage has been the main focus of any systematic trading houses. At Aspect, we are not only concerned about slippage but also about the entire cost or ‘true cost’ of implementing our strategies. Some costs may be visible and measurable, but there are a few transactions costs’ elements that are more subtle and less easy to measure. An awareness of the real cost of achieving a given position is ultimately what drives whether a trade is as profitable as it could be.For these reasons, Aspect has heavily invested...continued

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