e-FX Technology: powering the growth of new trading opportunities.

With Misys, FNX, Townsend Analytics, Wall Street Systems and Cognotec.

With Mark Davies, CEO of Misys, Global Managed Services, Farid Naib, CEO of FNX Solutions, Brian Maccaba, CEO of Cognotec, Mike Thrower, Director of Marketing at Wall Street Systems and Rustam Lam, Managing Director of Townsend Analytics, Europe.Is the current pace of innovation and uptake in Electronic FX being driven by the sell-side or buy-side and if the traditional role of FX technology vendors has been to connect each side together, does the answer really matter to them anyway?Davies: The current pace of innovation in Electronic FX trading is driven by the sell side, specifically trading portals. While the buy-side clearly benefits from technology advances and expanded instrument offerings, it is the sell-side that gains the most by offering state-of-the-art trading platforms. In addition to securing a competitive advantage, innovative sell-side technology providers also achieve new sources of revenue. The newer technologies have been able to support immediate trade execution, competitive multi-bank...continued

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