GlobeOp to offer connectivity to Currenex

GlobeOp Financial Services has announced an agreement to offer connectivity to the Currenex electronic fx trading platform via GoMarketssm, GlobeOp's new electronic trading connectivity platform for its hedge fund clients. GlobeOp's clients will now be able to access Currenex's multi-dealer electronic solution for fx trading. Through connectivity via GoMarkets, Currenex's participating market makers can expand their service to GlobeOp's hedge fund clients and a large and diversified buyside community, accounting for a significant share of the daily global foreign exchange market.Hans HufschmidHans Hufschmid, chairman and chief executive officer of GlobeOp, said, "The addition of Currenex's e-FX trading platform to our GoMarkets service enables GlobeOp to offer its clients an industry-leading fx execution service with STP benefits. Increasingly, by adding quality partners such as Currenex, GlobeOp is growing to become strategically more important to our clients, who look to us for a broader range of hedge...continued

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