Russell continues FX Trading build up with LavaFX

Russell Investment Group has begun using LavaFXâ„¢, Lava Trading Inc.'s electronic foreign exchange (FX) trading system, and is now able to trade as a market maker for its clients. "LavaFX is a critical addition to Russell's expanding and diversifying FX trading capabilities," said Ian Battye, Russell's head of currency management. "Our clients, many of whom are buy-side managers, are generally price takers instead of price makers. LavaFX represents a different FX trading model than that used by most buy-side managers, but Russell anticipates this model to become more prevalent as electronic trading evolves."David Ogg"By adopting the latest in electronic trading technologies, Russell is leading the charge amongst asset managers in recognizing the benefits of new technology in an ever changing industry," said David Ogg, head of LavaFX, Lava Trading Inc....continued

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