Was this FX trade aggressive?

Mark to Market Monitor (MMM)

With the profile of FX Market trading activity changing dramatically over the last two years - especially with the advent of aggressive Hedge Funds systematic trading - FX Market Makers and Liquidity Providers have had to test repeatedly that their pricing remained both competitive and profitable. In order to do this, Market Making Banks needed statistics but also up to the minute dynamic information on customer trades and their own price flow.In response to a request from some of its Market Maker clients, BAXTER-Solutions Kft. developed a module that works as a trade blotter monitor. The “Mark to Market Monitor” (MMM) module allows pricing and trade performance to be analysed on a real-time as well as historical basis. BAXTER designed and built the MMM tool in answer to the growing need to separate aggressive customer business from electronic mispricing.Functional highlightsThe functionality involves taking every trade visualised in a blotter and measuring it against benchmark...continued

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