Mike Threwer
Mike Threwer

Delivering advanced web-based solutions for Retail FX margin trading

Mike Thrower examines why banks are looking to target the increasing growth in flows originating from Retail FX investors and what’s required to enable them to deliver a professional margin trading solution.

The web-based margin trading arena is proving increasingly attractive to ‘retail’ foreign exchange market participants. Mike Thrower, of Cognotec explains why these markets offer banks significant growth opportunity.Web-based margin trading has attracted a wealth of interest from retail foreign exchange market participants, although in many cases the term ‘retail’ is a misnomer. In fact, these trading platforms are attracting a wide range of clients from ‘black-box’ hedge fund managers utilising algorithmic trading models which enable them to enter and exit positions quickly, through corporate businesses seeking cost-effective straight hedging services, to online speculative ‘day’ traders. However, though this market is expected to be worth in excess of $5 billion by 2010, banks have been slow to target this growing market.The value propositionThe value-proposition for the client-side...continued

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