GFT Global Markets offers Market Prediction service

Say goodbye to lagging indicators – see tomorrow’s market today with Foresight-A.I., the new artificial intelligence software from Strategic Trading Institute, offered exclusively through GFT Global Markets. Foresight–A.I. analyses market data, patterns and trends to predict the timing of the next day’s market highs and lows. Subscribers receive the forward–looking prediction chart the night before, so a trading strategy can be planned for the next day’s market.The Foresight-A.I. prediction is overlaid on a two-minute chart directly within GFT Global Markets’ DealBook® 360 trading software. Traders can get ahead of the market by receiving these Foresight-A.I. predictions a day in advance. Foresight-A.I. is available for multiple currency pairs and markets, exclusively within DealBook® 360....continued

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