Frances Maquire
Frances Maquire

Next moves in the e-FX treasury environment

Francis Maguire examines what large multi-nationals and mid-sized companies are looking for from e-FX and what banks are doing to future-proof their systems.

The use of e-FX is set to grow, and already the lines are blurring between what the large multi-nationals and mid-sized companies are looking for in terms of capacity and services. So what are banks doing to future-proof their systems?The continued investment by banks in their e-FX and treasury services is a direct indication of the growth potential they are predicting. Regardless of the company’s size, and whether it uses a centralised or distributed model, latency is still an issue for corporate treasurers and the demand for faster and more robust systems is growing, as is the continued need for more sophisticated research and advisory to lure users away from the telephone.Functionality for allFor Tom Roche, global head of FX e-commerce at Standard Chartered, the divide between large and mid-sized companies is narrowing.Tom RocheHe says: “Increasingly the needs are becoming the same, it is the size and number of transactions that may differ. As the electronic FX market has...continued

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