Andrew Coyne
Andrew Coyne

One size does not fit all: The need for bespoke FXPB solutions

Andy Coyne tells us why there are still a great many clients looking to their FX Prime Brokers to provide them with greater levels of support and value.

For all the talk about increasing commoditisation in FX and the proliferation of electronic portals offering greater levels of STP it is difficult to understand why we are increasingly busy with developing bespoke solutions for our clients. The truth is that while much current attention is focused on the exiting and relatively new developments of algorithmic trading models and the need for high velocity portal access there are a great many more clients looking to their FXPB to provide them with greater levels of support and value.In the last few years some FX Prime Brokers have started to specialise in particular client segments that play to their strengths or arguably permit them to avoid their weaknesses in liquidity provision. Since most ECNs charge for every trade and there is no relief for direct transactions, this allows them to focus their efforts on a more single-track strategy such as high volume algorithmic modellers. Full service FX Prime Brokers, typically are able to also offer liquidity...continued

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