Nick Dyne, CEO, Logicscope
Nick Dyne, CEO, Logicscope

STP in FX: catching up with front end trading?

Nick Dyne looks at how post trade functions are being dramatically improved from an STP viewpoint and what post-trade e-FX innovations we are likely to see in the near future.

E-trading technologies that connect traditional liquidity providers directly to their ‘buy-side’ customers heralded the establishment of a multitude of single and multi-bank (and broker) trading platforms for foreign exchange - and other OTC - instruments. Post-trade deal notification technology has, however, lagged behind the more sophisticated electronic front end trading environment in foreign exchange.As e-trading platforms mature and overtake conventional dealing methods, ‘buy-side’ customers are driving demand for greater post-trade integration and more efficient STP. Corporate clients using ever more sophisticated treasury management (e.g Trema) systems expect their FX activity to be captured as efficiently as their cash positions to fulfil best price execution and transparency obligations. Hedge Funds - increasingly active direct market participants - need to know, quickly, that deals are ‘done’ in...continued

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