David Poole COO and Principal, ClientKnowledge
David Poole COO and Principal, ClientKnowledge

Post Trade e-commerce: cross-product opportunities to innovate in FX

David Poole examines why the post-trade services environment for both OTC and exchange-traded products is under the spotlight as never before.

A combination of dramatic volume growth and even faster growth in the numbers of tickets and messages, increasing product complexity, rising operational costs and increased focus on operational risk management has placed the post-trade services environment both for OTC and exchange-traded products under the spotlight as never before. Market participants share a common interest in the effectiveness and efficiency of these processes and significant effort has been expended on improving the post-trade environment in recent years. Post-trade FX has seen a number of innovations, but is now interwoven with other global markets products and the solutions for FX need to be considered in context of the broader market. Despite this, the post-trade environment– from deal confirmation through documentation, settlement, risk management, to credit and collateral management processes - has been tested in many products and at all points and is a long way from optimized efficiency and cost – in point of fact...continued

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