Martin Bagshaw Detica
Martin Bagshaw Detica

Shifting buy side investment strategies and e-FX

Martin Bagshaw investigates the changing nature of buy side trading strategies, the role that e-FX plays in achieving the aims of those strategies and the challenges this presents for banks.

The changing nature of buy side trading strategies and the ever increasing complexity of executing trades in cross product bundles has impacted the traditional model of client servicing both at investment banks and custodians. There are a number of factors at play when we consider the development of these strategies and the role that e-FX has played in the execution of these strategies : The boundaries between hedge funds and traditional asset managers have become blurred as funds grow bigger, and asset managers seek ‘alpha’ returns through hedge fund vehicles or 130/30 funds. The desire to attract and retain institutional money, from both the institutional and hedge fund institutions, has provided an impetus to focus on the operational servicing of strategies and maximise the use of capital in any way possible Regulatory change (MiFID) has placed additional burdens on buy side firms to understand their operational costs and to look at the costs associated with trading...continued

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