Corporate e-FX: helping clients meet the demands of a challenging business environment

With Frederic Jeanperrin Head of European Corporate FX & IR Derivative Sales at SG Corporate & Investment Banking, Lucette Marrou Manager E-business sales at SG Corporate & Investment Banking, Stamos Fokianos, Global Head – eChannels, Financial Markets, Standard Chartered Bank, Xavier Alexandre, Global Head of E-Commerce, FIC at UniCredit Markets & Investment Banking and Peter Hagenauer, Head of eCommerce Business Applications, Global Markets at ANZ Investment Bank.

Many surveys over the last few years have underlined the steady growth and uptake of e-FX amongst corporate treasurers. However, there still seems to remain a hardcore of treasury professionals who resist using the electronic channel. Do you think the current extraordinarily challenging global business environment might persuade many of these holdouts to reconsider the benefits of adopting e-FX solutions? Jeanperrin: I wouldn’t say that the current climate is the key driver of their adoption of electronic media, but it certainly helps to persuade some customers to adopt e-FX solutions.  It’s definitely an additional, quicker and secured way to access liquidity, with the advantage of the traceability for European customers subject to MiFid regulation. So, with the FX market becoming more and more volatile, and the withdrawal of some liquidity providers, clients and banks seem to be switching back towards a more relationship-oriented business.  The main base of corporate business in the...continued

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