Pontus Eriksson Product Manager, SunGard Front Arena
Pontus Eriksson Product Manager, SunGard Front Arena

Next generation cross-asset trading systems – making standalone platforms obsolete?

Cross asset trading systems have become the securities markets’ Holy Grail. Pontus Eriksson, Product Manager, SunGard Front Arena outlines what functionality these systems should include and how they can become the foundation of traders’ future plans.

The demand for cross-asset trading systems is constantly increasing as investment banks continue to abandon their trading desk silos in favour of cross-asset derivatives platforms that cover all range of instruments and markets. However, we are still in the fledgling days and not everyone is clear as to what how these systems should be built and what they should be able to provide. A true cross-asset trading system should first of all be able to cater for the two essential trading categories - over-the-counter (OTC) and exchange traded products – both as separate products and also in combination for those trading strategies that involve a mix of OTC and exchange-based trading.There is also the issue of multi-asset class trading – where a system can cover every major asset class to a great depth and combine these in a single portfolio. Finally there are the cross-asset class products, or hybrid products which are made up of two or more single asset class instruments which are packaged together as a...continued

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