Frances Maguire
Frances Maguire

Continuing innovation in exchange-based currency trading

The world's futures exchanges continue to make in-roads into the biggest OTC market in the world and with recent regulatory discussions on the need for greater use of centrally cleared products, currency trading innovation continues to gather pace within the exchanges.

During the uncertain times of the banking crisis the exchanges saw renewed interest in central clearing and now that the regulators are deliberating over which instruments should be centrally cleared, it looks as though the exchanges will continue to benefit from the trend, both mandatory and voluntary, to mitigate counterparty risk through centrally cleared instruments. As a result, the futures exchanges have continued to innovate in launching products and reducing fees to attract this new business. CME Group Recently, CME Group gained regulatory authorisation to launch a new service to clear FX instruments traded over the counter through CME Clearport. A pilot will begin at the end of the year, in readiness for a customer for launch in 2010. The service will enable bilaterally traded spot, swaps and forwards on eight currency pairs to be cleared using a centralised counterparty model, with flexible notional values and settlement dates available, and tenors out to five years. Post-launch, additional...continued

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