Create an FX ECN business with the unique White-Label Solution of a Swiss Bank

As many businesses would probably agree, the first steps in implementing a new service or product are the most challenging to overcome. High start-up costs, shortage of technical resources, lack of professional back-up and support from a strong partner in the new domain are the most typical obstacles that become insurmountable for many otherwise promising ideas. Asset management or Forex-related companies are no exception

Whether a company that already successfully operates in the market decides to expand its activities in the Forex market and set up its own Brokerage solution or an ambitious licensed and properly regulated start-up decides to build a new business in the Forex market – all of them will face these challenges.

In an endeavor to overcome these hurdles, Dukascopy Bank SA has launched a new cooperation programme – ECN “White Label”, which aims to provide partners with a fully integrated tailor-made solution for offering online currency trading to their clients. The fundamental advantage of the programme is the virtual absence of implementation and maintenance costs combined with the opportunity to generate revenues from clients’ commission straight away after the start of the project. The uniqueness of Dukascopy’s offering is strengthened by an unprecedented combination of advanced IT competences and Swiss Banking traditions – all bundled in one integrated product. 

Create an FX ECN business with the unique White-Label Solution of a Swiss Bank

White Label partners receive a fully functional Back-Office system at their disposal, the access to trading platforms, all-encompassing reporting and a 24h support from Dukascopy Bank SA. All products and software are accordingly rebranded to match the partner’s corporate design. This customization extends from appropriately signed email forms with the partner’s contacts and logos up to a partner-branded platform and reports design – all provided by Dukascopy Bank SA. Via the multifunctional Back-Office system WL partner’s specialists obtain full control over the activity of their traders, get access to collateral accounts management, accounts and commission maps creation as well as a handful of other functions that enable managing an entire FX Brokerage solution. 

In contrast to the offers that already exist in the market, the White Label programme of Dukascopy Bank is based exclusively on in-house developed IT and intellectual solutions. This ensures both full control over the system’s components and the integrity of clients’ data, which are the inherent prerequisites of the values traditionally associated with Swiss banking traditions recognized for outstanding security and reliability. 

The clients of the WL partner, in their turn, get a mediated access to the SWFX – Swiss Forex Marketplace, one of the world’s largest ECN liquidity aggregators, which implies the possibility to benefit from the same renowned advantages that Dukascopy clients do – a fair transparent trading environment, equal trading rights and opportunities to all clients, a single data feed, the tightest spreads, data integrity  etc.

The complete implementation of a Standard White Label programme takes up to 3 weeks, from application to launch. Any institution in compliance with regulation can start the process by applying for an evaluation by Dukascopy Bank SA to start benefiting of a unique technology. Applicants face a unique opportunity to become partners of a regulated licensed Swiss bank while still preserving such essential values as flexibility, individualized approach and promptness.

Create an FX ECN business with the unique White-Label Solution of a Swiss Bank