Product Review: Take your trading to another level with eToro

e-Forex talks with Johnathan Assia, CEO of leading FX trading platform eToro

Johnathan, what did you and your team set out to achieve with the launch of the eToro trading platform? Nothing less than revolutionize the forex industry of course! It all started one fine morning over a cup of coffee with me and a few friends who also happened to be into financial trading and software design. We noticed that most of the software available out there makes forex trading look very complicated, the key word in that sentence being “look” since in its essence the forex market is rather simple and requires experience rather than prior knowledge. It dawned on us that there is absolutely no concrete reason why only professionals should enjoy all the advantages of forex trading, so we had the wild idea to strip forex trading of unnecessary complications and focus on the user experience. I have to say that I’m very happy to have had that particular cup of coffee.What do you think traders find particularly appealing about your platform and what value does it add to their day to day...continued

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