Howard Tolman
Howard Tolman

Cutting through the Cloud

Howard Tolman, Director of Cloud Trading Technologies tackles some questions on the application of Cloud Computing services within the FX trading environment.

It’s too early for us to be using Cloud services. Wouldn’t it be better for us to wait and see if this thing is really going to catch on amongst other FX sell-side providers and for the technology to mature? Well the cloud has already taken off in a lot of different areas. One has to ask why the FX arena should be any different. Generally speaking the applications are unchanged and have the same functionality on the cloud as off it. However from an operating point of view cloud offers high availability and fault tolerance as standard as well as massive scalability. Cloud has also been around for a number of years already and is becoming far more sophisticated and powerful by the week.   We hear that cost savings are a key business benefit of using Cloud computing in other industries but these advantages won’t necessarily translate to FX will they? Cost is of course one of the major advantages of using the Cloud but I don’t think it is generally understood how much difference it...continued

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