Richard Willsher
Richard Willsher

Regional e-FX perspective on South East Asia

South East Asia’s increasing economic prosperity is driving growth in the region’s foreign exchange trading activity and, as Richard Willsher discovers, the regions electronic FX trading capabilities have accelerated even faster.

The South East Asian region’s main geographical markets include Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. Australia, China, India and Japan are all influential in the regions markets but separate. Statistics from the Bank of International Settlements Triennial Central Bank Survey: Report on global foreign exchange market activity in 2010 show that Singapore remains the principal regional hub. Its share of daily global forex market turnover remains at 5% as compared with the previous survey but volume has increased from US$242 billion to US$266 billion.  Also significant is the comparable figure for Hong Kong, which has grown from US$181 billion in 2007 to US$238 billion in 2010. If counted together, Singapore and Hong Kong would account for 10% of daily turnover amounting to the third largest foreign exchange market behind the UK and the USA. This indicates how important Asia has become in the FX markets. Increased turnover in both centres has been...continued

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