Gold-i bolt-ons help brokers to trade more effectively

Gold-i’s portfolio of bolt-on products are in high demand as they can play a significant role in helping brokers to trade or manage their risk more effectively. They have largely been developed in response to client requests and all address a genuine need in the market.

Building on its suite of 20 bolt-ons, including the Gold-i MultiMAM, the Gold-i Position Keeper and the Gold-i QuoteChecker, Gold-i continues to innovate. Gold-i has now added two more products to its bolt-on portfolio: the Gold-i IB Profit Share and the Gold-i RiskDBSnapshot.

Gold-i IB Profit Share

Tom Higgins, CEO of Gold-i explains, “MetaTrader has advanced commission functionality but doesn’t have the ability to set-up automatic profit sharing with introducing brokers (IBs) or agents. When one of our clients spoke to us about their need for multiple levels of agent rebate sharing, we developed a real-time profit sharing tool specifically for them. We created the Gold-i IB Profit Share to share profit in 10 different ways, allocating it between different groups  –  for example, between a client and multiple agents or in copy mode for trade following. We’ve now added it to our portfolio to sell to others and believe it will be very popular.”

The Gold-i IB Profit Share allows real-time profit sharing to be configured for any number of client groups or individual clients and any number of agents/IBs.

How does it work? It monitors trading activity in real-time and whenever a client opens or closes a trade, the appropriate trade or profit or loss is added to the configured agents’ accounts. The utility handles manual closes, stop loss, take profit and stop out closes, all in real-time. It even converts the profit currency from that of the trading client to that of the agent/IB. 

Once the configuration has been completed the system is completely automatic and requires no human intervention. Changes can be made whilst MetaTrader is running and there is no need to re-start once the plugin has been added.

Gold-i RiskDBSnapshot 

According to Tom Higgins, “Gold-i introduced the RiskDBSnapshot to consolidate reporting from multiple servers in real-time, pushing all the information into a single database. With the Gold-i RiskDBSnapshot, it is far easier for brokers with multiple MT4 servers to gain a thorough overview of their current position.”

The Gold-i RiskDBSnapshot is ideal for multi MT4 server environments. It updates a single MySQL database with real-time information from MT4.

How does it work? It uses a data model which is a super-set of the MetaTrader4 Report Server tables, adding additional data to the tables to enable multiple MT4 servers to populate the same database.

Tom Higgins concludes, “A key part of our strategy is continual innovation – and we work closely with clients and partners to develop customised products to help them to address specific needs. We are always happy to discuss ideas with clients and prospects in order to provide them with tailor-made risk management and execution tools.” 

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Gold-i bolt-ons help brokers to trade more effectively