Nick Pratt
Nick Pratt

Speed and precision - empowering clients with faster and smarter FX e-commerce engines

The astounding rate at which technology has developed in recent years has allowed the FX trading market to execute in huge volumes, at microsecond speeds and with unerring precision. Nicholas Pratt talks to one leading bank and FX technology provider to explore how these enhanced capabilities have allowed traders to pursue strategies previously unthinkable and to also discover what factors have led to a step-change in the speed, flexibility and transaction processing capabilities of FX e-commerce platforms

The march of technology is often perceived as coming at the expense of durable relationships. Speed becomes all-important, volume becomes too huge to be managed manually, the machines take over and human interaction diminishes. Automated efficiency comes at a price, some might say, especially in a market like the FX world where it is still heavily reliant on relationships.  For the large liquidity providing FX banks, this is an issue they have had to manage in terms of how they develop their e-FX services and how they manage to combine all the benefits of automation, online access and algorithmic execution yet maintain a fruitful and communicative relationship. Furthermore, they must also consider how the FX e-commerce platform can be specifically customised for each client without incurring unmanageable development costs.  Design and user experience According to John Bartter, Head of FX Institutional Platforms at Deutsche Bank, the client relationship is always placed as the highest priority...continued

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