Five areas to consider when selecting a Liquidity Provider

The super low latency Gold-i Gate Bridge connects to more Liquidity Providers than any other Bridge connecting to MetaTrader. But with such a choice of liquidity on offer, how does a broker know which is best for their client needs?

Tom Higgins  CEO of Gold-i

Tom Higgins CEO of Gold-i

Tom Higgins, CEO of Gold-i comments, “We know it’s important to give brokers a wide choice – even though most brokers normally want to connect to just one or two LPs.  Gold-i provides advice on which ones are most appropriate for their specific needs.”

According to Gold-i, when it comes to liquidity, the top five areas which retail brokers need to consider are:

•  Spreads – Having tight spreads and deep pools of liquidity help brokers to lower trading costs and improve their competitiveness.

•  Instruments – Don’t just focus on FX. Brokers should look at opportunities which will enable them to broaden their offering to clients, either now or in the future. Gold-i specialises in multi-asset product integration and has integrated FX, CFDs, Equities, Futures, Indices and Commodities all through Liquidity Bridges and all on a single platform.

•  Latency – Speed is vitally important in order to minimise slippage. Select a super low latency bridge to connect the liquidity provider to the trading platform. The competitively priced Gold-i Gate Bridge takes only a few milliseconds to process a client order and can process more trades in one second than MetaTrader. 

•  Flexibility – Make sure your Liquidity Bridge can be customised to meet your needs and gives you access to market leading trade execution and risk management tools.

•  Support – Minimise downtime by selecting a Liquidity Bridge provider who can offer 24x7 service.  When selecting your technology providers, remember that it’s easier to partner with a single vendor such as Gold-i who can help you in all areas of liquidity, back office, CRM and risk management than to select multiple vendors which can end up being more difficult to manage, more costly and more unstable. 

Facilitating low latency connectivity between a broker’s trading infrastructure and liquidity sources is highly complex. You cannot simply plug a Liquidity Provider into a trading system because neither end will be compatible with the other. The integration requires detailed customisation and extensive testing – areas of expertise which Gold-i excels in. 

Tom Higgins continues, “Multi asset liquidity is even harder to integrate than FX, due to different global standards, different trading attributes and different trading venues. As the global market leader in multi-asset retail trading systems integration, we have now integrated with nearly 50 technologies at LPs and partners, and each has been very different. It is a full-time job just keeping the integrations up to date as LPs change their systems regularly. We offer 24 hour support to ensure that all our clients have access to specialist help whenever they need it, whichever time zone they are operating in.”


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