Frances Faulds
Frances Faulds

Multi-asset class SBPs servicing a wider set of client needs

Competition from the ever increasing number of multi-bank platforms and greater diversity from traders is driving banks to re-evaluate and often rebuild their single bank platforms to offer cross-asset class trading functionality. Frances Faulds reports.

While the jury may be still out on whether multi-asset class trading platforms are set to become a reality, or even if they are needed, many would agree that the days of siloed businesses and incompatible systems are numbered. Trading more than one asset class from a single trading system is not new, and has been in practice, in Europe at least, since the late 1990’s. The ability to offer trading across the asset classes from a single screen is giving banks an opportunity to provide their clients with added value through a more comprehensive view into the market, greater visibility of their core trading activities and greater assurance of best execution, while bringing the banks new revenue streams and increased ‘stickiness’ in the face of fast growing competition from the growing number of e-trading platforms. While some banks have or are in the process of rebuilding their single bank platforms, others are looking at merging the information and services both within and across asset...continued

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