Outside the box. New thinking in the development of electronic FX brokerage platforms

The emergence of more open platforms has led to a step change in the retail FX brokerage market. Nicholas Pratt examines the thinking behind the development of the latest electronic FX brokerage platforms.

Retail FX traders are a growing community as are the numerous service providers that recognise a lucrative marketplace when they see one. Consequently there has been a noticeable increase in the sophistication of services available to retail FX traders, especially in terms of the electronic FX brokerage platforms. Democracy in the market Technology, as ever, has been a great leveler and helped to democratise the FX market and reduce the gap between the institutional and retail sides of the market as well as the large, established service providers and the start-up developers. And one technology trend that has been instrumental in this process has been the emergence of more open platforms. One of the vendors at the forefront of this trend has been Tradable, which describes itself as an app-based trading platform available to banks and brokers that enables users to design their own tools and services. “By using open platforms, developers are able to distribute their products and reach several...continued

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