ADS Securities London Ltd is launched

e-Forex talks with James Watson, the Managing Director of ADS Securities London Ltd.

James, why did the management of Pioneer Trader Limited which was owned by ADS Holding LLC, decide to re-brand the company as ADS Securities London Limited (ADS London)? This was a simple choice.  ADS Securities London operates as an independent company controlled and run by the London board and management team, but we are part of the same group as ADS Securities in Abu Dhabi.  Over the last four years, the ADS brand has become very well known in the forex market, with the company recognised for its innovation, commitment to new technologies and for the strength of its business model.  We’re looking to leverage all those attributes as we build a highly successful business here in London.  Without rebranding to ADS Securities this would have taken a lot longer to achieve, so it was a straight forward business decision for us.  What range of services will ADS London be offering? ADS London will be offering a comprehensive range of services catering to both institutional and...continued

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